640,783 James Taylor Lyrics - Knocking 'Round the Zoo
... to be alright But I know that he can't fool me 'cause I'm putting him uptight And I can feel him getting edgy every time I make a sudden move And I can hear them celebrating every time I up and leave the room Now my friends all came to see me they point at me and stare Said he's just like th ... Word-count:224
|2013-08-03| http://www.songwords.net/waiguo/pop/jamestaylor/014.htm
611,379 Metallica Lyrics - Unnamed Feeling
...ling It comes alive Then the unnamed feeling Takes me away I'm frantic in your soothing arms I can not sleep in this down filled world I've found safety in this loneliness But I can not stand it anymore Cross my heart hope not to die Swallow evil, ride the sky Lose myself in a crowded ... Word-count:284
|2013-06-03| http://www.songwords.net/waiguo/rock/metallica/114.htm
524,399 Luke Bryan Tackle Box Tabs, Chords
... G D Long before this town knew blacktop. Chorus 2 G D I was almost ridin' with him shotgun down those dirt roads A D Takin' turns on a jug of homemade shine G D As he raced his buddies down through Mason Holler ... Word-count:459
|2012-08-26| http://www.allcountrytabs.com/tabs/bryan-luke/tackle-box-12478.html
447,395 Sundo Tab - Imago - Guitar Chords v3
...-2-------2-------2-------2-------2-------0--------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| Verse 2: (Do verse chords) Sa akin mo isabit ang pangarap mo Di kukulangin, ang ibibi ... Word-count:393
|2012-05-26| http://www.yourchords.com/101173/Imago/Sundo-ver-3-Tab/
383,453 tito fernandez ESTUVE ENFERMO DE AMORES. lyrics
...ite(" Ask") document.write(" Google") Embed tito fernandez - ESTUVE ENFERMO DE AMORES. lyrics to your site tito fernandez - ESTUVE ENFERMO DE AMORES. ... Word-count:840
|2012-03-12| http://www.lyricsrequests.com/tito-fernandez-songs-text/ESTUVE-ENFERMO-DE-AMORES-song-lyric.html
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