623,902 The Presidents of the United States of America Lyrics - Zero Friction
...(I got) Zero Friction in my life Zero Friction in my life Zero Friction in my life Give me Zero Friction Zero Friction (Zero Friction) Zero Friction (Zero Friction) Zero Friction (ooooo-ooooh) In My life Smiling jet-plane You hover happy without fear You fire the pilot (and) File your ... Word-count:276
|2013-06-22| http://www.songwords.net/waiguo/rock/pusa/059.htm
201,721 A Step Behind First Dibs On Last Chances lyrics
...Dibs On Last Chances I am all alone I have nothing to fear I have been trough it all just by living here put your hands back down I don't want to ... Word-count:436
|2011-07-29| http://www.lyricsrequests.com/A-Step-Behind-songs-text/First-Dibs-On-Last-Chances-song-lyric.html
89,583 Everything That Touches bass tab by Association
... Am11 On the ground I am walking, the air that I breathe Gmaj9 Are shared in these moments with you Chorus: F G You love for real F G You show the feel F G Am Am/G D7/F# G C/G G C/G Of ... Word-count:752
|2010-12-16| http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/a/association/everything_that_touches_btab.htm
... we used to dance, how we show romance give me one more chance was it all my fault sorry for the pain i caused (?) do i cross your mind at all with all the love i gave don't make me feel this way at anytime of the day do i cross your mind at all wait girl, you hear your conscience cal ... Word-count:672
|2010-04-02| http://www.elyricsworld.com/submarine_lyrics_chris_brown.html
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