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		Internet Explorer TechCenter
	IEAK|Internet Explorer 8 Blocker Toolkit


Internet Explorer TechCenter
			IEAKInternet Explorer 8 Blocker Toolkit
	 Internet Explorer Administration Ki...

              Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) Information
and DownloadsThe Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK)
simplifies the creation, deployment and management of customized
Internet Explorer packages. The IEAK can be used to configure the
out-of-box Internet Explorer experience or to manage user settings
after Internet Explorer deployment. To find more information on the
IEAK, see What IEAK Can Do For You.Internet Explorer Administration
Kit 8DocumentationIEAK 8 Release DocumentationIEAK 8 Licensing
GuidelinesIEAK 8 DocumentationInternet Explorer 8 Deployment
GuideDownload IEAK 8To download, choose to Open the download or Save
it to your hard drive first.EnglishArabicChinese (Simplified)Chinese
(Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)RussianSpanishSwedishTurkish More
Internet Explorer 8 Resources...Internet Explorer 7 Administration Kit
DocumentationIEAK 7 Deployment GuideIEAK 7 DocumentationIEAK 7
FAQDownload IEAK 7To download IEAK 7, choose to Open the download or
Save it to your hard drive first. EnglishArabicChinese
(Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)RussianSpanishSwedishTurkish More
Internet Explorer 7 Resources...
"&PG=CMS3TB&AP=1089", 300, 250);

	Internet Explorer Administration Kit 6 SP 1 DocumentationIEAK 6
DocumentationDownload IEAK 6 SP1To download IEAK 6 SP1, choose to Open
the download or Save it to your hard drive first.
EnglishArabicBrazilian PortugueseCzechChinese (Simplified)Chinese
(Traditional)DanishDutchFinnishFrenchGermanHungarianItalianJapaneseKoreanNorwegianPolishPortugueseRussianSpanishSwedishTurkish More
Internet Explorer 6 Resources...

"&PG=CMS3TL&AP=1390", 728, 90);




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