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	  Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL
	  Kevin Yank
	  Forget obsolete site maintenance and redesign methods.At only 242
	  Kevin's book is an easy read. And as you look through a copy of
	  Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL" you'll
	  notice that it's written in a clear tutorial format that beginners
	  understand. If you hate wading through dry academic "how
to" texts, 
	  then this book will be a breath of fresh air to you. 
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	  Your Own Table-less Website Layout Using CSS (and other Cool
	  Dan Shaeffer
	  If you were looking for someone to help you understand how to use
CSS effectively 
	  in real-world projects that would be compatible across browsers,
who would 
	  you go to? That one's easy -- Dan Shaeffer-- the guy web
professionals call 
	  the CSS master or guru! Eric always wanted to add a third leg to
the "two-legged 
	  stool" of CSS books he has written. I was fortunate enough to
	  the pleasure of working with Eric to make a practical project-based
	  to CSS a reality. 
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	  Your Own Freelance WebDesign Business From Scratch
	  Brendan Sinclair
	  'It's not what you code, it's the way that you sell it'. That's
	  motto when it comes to developing a webdesign business. Let him
take you 
	  through the entire process from developing a folio, focussing your
	  presence, chasing leads, initial client contacts, tendering,
proposal writing, 
	  client liason to delivering the product in this in-depth study of
	  freelance technique.
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	Coming New Releases

	  Your Own 101 Great PHP Recipes Using PHP & MySQL
	  Harry Fuecks
	  The follow-up to Kevin's universally popular 'Build Your Own
	  Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL', this book takes PHP coders to
	  next level. Included in this easy to read guide are complete and
	  tutorials on building 101 common PHP/MySQL applications, including
	  facilities, user management, community forums, intranets and file
	If you got a lot out of Kevin's first book, prepare to send your
	  in to the stratosphere.
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	  Author Profile - Kevin Yank 
	  Kevin Yank is the Technical Content Director for,
author of many well received tutorials and articles, and editor of the
SitePoint Tech Times, an extremely popular technically-oriented email
newsletter for Web Developers. 

Before graduating from McGill University in Montreal with a Bachelor
of Computer Engineering, Kevin was not only a budding Web Developer
himself, but also an active advisor for the Sausage Software Web
Development Forums and writer of several practical guides on advanced
HTML and JavaScript. 

These days, when he’s not discovering new technologies, writing books,
or catching up on sleep, Kevin can be found helping other
up-and-coming Web Developers in the SitePoint Forums. 
	   Kevin's Latest 
		Book is 'Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL'


Latest Feedback
			"Kevin Yank has the extraordinary ability to
              introduce a new level of clarity and simplicity to a
powerful technology
              like MySQL. This book is a must-have for all
            Matt Wagner,
			"Just to let you know that I did received my
			  book this morning and I want to thank you for the fast
            André Crevier, Web Developer

			"I've looked all over for a good tutorial on
              PHP and MySQL, and this book
              was like striking a gold mine.."
            Garth Holmes, Webmaster


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