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File Type: MIDI
Game System: Nintendo
Game Name: Darkwing Duck
Song Title: St. Canard Warehouses
Sequenced by: Merit Celaire 
Other Information: 
This is one of my most favorite tunes from the
"Darkwing Duck" game (along with the BGM scores
for "The New Bridge" and "The Woods")! I hope you
guys enjoy this one as well!
I tried my best to make sure this MIDI came close
to the original BGM score in the "Darkwing Duck" game (both NES
and Gameboy versions, however this song was
arranged from the Gameboy version of the game).
NOTE: Although this tune may sound like the Gameboy
version of the "Darkwing Duck" game, it is the
very same song that is heard in the NES version
(the primary version) of this game.

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Melody 1
Melody 2
Melody 1-A
Drums 1
Drums 2
Drums 3 (crash cymbals)
"St. Canard Warehouses"
FROM THE GAME: Darkwing Duck
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