Date Added: 1999-04-18

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Uploaded by (Justin Pfeiffer)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Nintendo
Game Name: Rollergames
Song Title: Stage 3 - Junk Yard
Sequenced by: Szordrin X  

Other Information: The melody is note-for-note exact to the original,
however I gave it a thicker texture by adding instruments, and
basically making the ensemble larger.  I tried to shoot for what
Konami Kukeiha Club might have originally had in mind for this theme,
had they produced it on a higher quality synth, with the brass and
funk feel.  I kept the main drum beat (bass and snare) true to the
original, but added more auxillary percussion, since it was needed.

Midi TrackName Analysis:

tenor sax
alto sax
baritone sax
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