Date Added: 1999-06-27

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Uploaded by (Merit Celaire)

File Type: MIDI
Game System: Super Nintendo
Game Name: Kirby Super Star
Song Title: Dynablade: Area 1 (Arranged)
Sequenced by: Merit Celaire 
Other Information: Same song, but THIS time I added the Additional
String trackand the Additional Piano instrument track to this MIDI. I
likethis one too. I believe you'll like it too.I tried my best to make
sure these two tracks could be heard well aswell as the melody tracks.
I think you might have to do some volumeadjusting if you download this
MIDI and listen to it in your MIDI sequencingprograms. Anyway, I tried
my best to do volume adjustments when I sequencedthis MIDI to try and
save you all some time and trouble (I hope!)  -Merit
(Is there any reason why there are three versions of this MIDI all by
you, Merit?  Did you want me to delete your old ones or something? 

Midi TrackName Analysis:

Melody 1-A
Melody 1-B
Melody 2-A
Melody 2-B
Melody 2-C
Melody 3
Accompaniment 1
Accompaniment 2
Accompaniment 3
Drums 1
Drums 2
Drums 3
Additonal Strings (I added this extra instrument. This track sounds
Additional Piano Part (I added this extra instrument as well! This is
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