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16 January 2009


| Personal

Well, another year had ended and a new one has started (in case you
hadn’t noticed). As you’ve
seen in the past few months I haven’t exactly been active on my
blog; the core reason is that I was
completely stressed out after my Spanish workshop at the end of
October and have done little to no web development
since then.

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 3 November 2008

US Election special

| Personal

I’m usually not much given to political posts, but in view of
the earth-shaking things that will take place in the US tomorrow
I’m gladly breaking that rule. In this post I’d like to
personally thank all US politicians and mainstream media talking heads
who’ve offered me countless hours of enjoyable browsing,
reading, learning, and laughing.

Nonetheless I’m glad it’s over. I’m starting to
suffer from Obama Overload, and I’m way behind on my work.
(Please don’t ask me about adding Chrome to the Tables; I know,
I will, as soon as all this is out of the way.)

I’m also going to give a small inpromptu presentation on the US
elections tomorrow in Amsterdam. If you don’t know what to do
with yourself, join me.

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20 December 2007

Host unreachable

| Personal
| no comments allowed

I'm afraid I've reached the end of my energy reserves. The new
Fronteers site is online (Fronteers was previously known as the Guild
of Front-End Developers); IE8 supports the Acid2 test, but I just
don't have the energy to treat these important issues in the way they

Yesterday I published an entry about Opera's antitrust complaint that
I removed today. Although I still think I have a point of sorts, that
point should be made in a different way (and possibly by another

I've deserved a holiday. I NEED a holiday VERY BADLY.

I feel that I'm slowly going mad. I don't want any contact with any
person; and DEFINITELY not about anything having to do with web

So this entry serves as notice that I'll be completely unreachable
until January 7th. Clients, web developers, others, I'm sorry, but I
won't answer you now. Please try again next year.

20 April 2007


| Personal

In early February I wrote about losing my sense of fun in web
development. Basically, from mid November until the writing of this
entry I was in a kind of extended haze. I worked as little as
possible, and when clients old or new came knocking on my door for yet
another HTML/CSS template or yet another small, unexciting script, I
did everything in my power to turn them away. In fact, there was a
short time in December when I seriously considered quitting web
development altogether.

February was a normal month. I did a lot of work and sent out a lot of
invoices, but I wasn't what you'd call happy about it. In this
respect, my visit to SxSW was an excellent chance to take some
distance from my everyday life, and when I returned home I knew I
wanted to change a lot of things. I realised that I didn't want to
code for a living any more.

Which begs the question: if I would quit coding, what would I do for a

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19 March 2007

I wasn't at the party BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING NOISE

| Conferences, Personal

There's one aspect of SxSW that I didn't discuss in my previous entry:
the reason why I went to only a few parties. Most nights I was back in
my hotel around 11:00. That's not really sociable, is it?
Unfortunately I was unable to attend most parties BECAUSE OF THE

I'm wondering if it would be at all possible to just turn off the LOUD
BACKGROUND MUSIC at conference parties.

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11 March 2007

On Twitter

| Personal
| no comments allowed

I've caved in to peer pressure and signed up for Twitter. My nickname
is (obviously) ppk and for the moment all my updates will be public.
Follow me if you'd like to.

First conclusion: Twitter's search interface is confusing.

 5 March 2007

Austin; Thursday 8 March

| Conferences, Personal

As I posted before I'll be in Austin on Thursday, and I'll be looking
for something to do. Meanwhile two get-togethers have been organised:

	Noon at Las Manitas on 211 Congress Ave.
	6:00 pm at the 219West.

I hope to see some of my Austin-based readers there; and maybe a few
others who, like me, have decided to arrive early for SxSW.

 3 February 2007

SxSW and the fun in web development

| Conferences, Personal

I suddenly realised I hadn't yet officially announced that my
presentation "JavaScript: the Big Picture" has been accepted by SxSW.
It will run on Monday 12th of March in the afternoon, and it will be a
25 minute power session. I already wrote about the topics I want to
treat. Right now I plan to talk for a maximum of 10 minutes, after
which a discussion is supposed to fill the remaining 15 minutes. My
plans may change, though.

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 8 August 2006

PPK: the real story

| Personal

Now that Andy Clarke has shown the courage to throw his true biography
out into the open, I've decided that I can't keep silent any more. I
know that some people will not believe my real story, and that others
will ridicule me for it, but Andy's set a noble example that should be

So without more ado, here's my official, authorized, unadulterated

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15 July 2006

Happy birthday to me (and Rembrandt)

| Personal

Today I celebrate my 36th birthday by going out into the sun, having
drinks with friends, and generally taking it easy. Happy birthday to

Incidentally, today Rembrandt would have turned 400. I cannot fault
the great painter's taste in birthdays.

Official website (unfortunately web standards hadn't yet been invented
in Rembrandt's days).

Rembrandt portal of the Dutch public broadcasting corporations. I
include this link because it leads to my current project. Click on the
"Bekijk uitzending" link next to the last portrait, and you'll see a
(Dutch) TV programme on Rembrandt. (You have to select a format
(Windows Media or Real) and a quality (broadband or smallband) first,
by the way.)

I created the player the programme (and in fact all public
broadcasting programmes that are available on the Internet) runs in.

It's not quite ready for formal publication yet, because at the last
possible moment I had to sacrifice the noscript version to solve a
very nasty Explorer bug. In the next two weeks, however, I hope to
reinstate the noscript version while not triggering the bug. When
that's done I'll formally discuss this project.

28 August 2005


| Personal, Site

Well, I'm back from all my holidays. My throat problems are mostly
over, although I still don't have hot water in my house. Even so I'll
start working again tomorrow, and I've spent a large part of the
weekend in catching up on QuirksMode.org related matters.

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20 August 2005

More holiday

| Personal, Site
| no comments allowed

Thursday night I returned from a relaxing holiday in Greece. I'd
planned to do some work on Friday, before leaving for the countryside
again on Monday.

Unfortunately Friday was a rather disastrous day. My central heating
unit, which also provides my hot water, suddenly began expelling
flames when I turned it on, and a hurriedly fetched mechanic told me
it cannot be used any more due to the danger of carbon monoxide
poisoning. No hot water, no showers, no shave.

Then the dirty, nearly windless air prevailing here in Amsterdam
started working on my nose and throat, and right now I'm taking tea
with honey, orange juice, and more such medicines in an attempt to
stave off a cold.

All this means that I'm going to extend my holiday silence
considerably. I'm disastrously behind on all jobs except for comment
approval, but that's not going to change in the near future. No
replies to the 200 or so mails still waiting for me.

If you need me, sorry, you'll have to have more patience; my
unavailability has been extended for at least another week.

 4 August 2005


| Personal, Site
| no comments allowed

Today I leave for a two week holiday in Greece. As usual I won't touch
a computer while I'm over there, so everything that requires my
personal intervention will have to wait until at least Friday 19

I'll be only patchily available during the rest of August, and I don't
take any new job, no matter how small, paid or volunteer, before 5

See you all later.

15 July 2005


| Personal

Today is my 35th birthday.

Happy birthday to me!

I'm going to celebrate by not sitting in front of my computer all day.

 7 March 2005


| Personal, Site

Right now I have a large writing job (not a book, unfortunately), and
it takes rather more time that I thought it would. Since I'm working
on it almost every waking hour, I'm getting a bit tired of writing.
That's the reason I'm not posting any blog items right now, and I'm
afraid this situation will continue throughout March.

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15 August 2004


| Personal, Site
| no comments allowed

I'm back in business, after a restful and relaxing holiday in Greece,
a major network breakdown,
a long weekend in the countryside, and lots of sipping alcoholic
beverages on sunny terraces.

I've even done a few minor updates today:

A reader sent me the correct syntax for createAttribute(). See the
W3C DOM Core tables - Attributes under createAttribute().
Another reader told me that the odd
document.createStyleSheet("javascript:'div{margin:0px;}'"); syntax
is the correct one for Explorer Windows. I didn't test this one.
Added one new portfolio item: Ubachs Wisbrun. To my surprise,
this site became table based.

This is the blog of Peter-Paul Koch, freelance front-end
consultant, agent, and trainer. You can also visit his Elsewhere
on the 'Net linklog, or you can follow
him on Twitter.


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