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                 About Us
                  We are a not for profit independent rescue that
focuses on 
                    terrier mixes and sighthounds. 
                    We provide support to local shelters in BC as well
as a number 
                    of shelters in Los Angeles, California that have a
high euthanasia 
                  Please contact specific breed rescue clubs if you
are looking 
                    for a purebred.
                    Our goal is to find the best match for each animal
in rescue. 
                    To reach this goal we:
                      House homeless dogs in temporary foster homes,
                        looking for the right 
                        permanent home;
                      Provide veterinary care including all vaccines,
                        treatment for 
                        dental disease and spay/neuter;
                      Evaluate temperaments while dogs are in foster
care to 
                        make the proper 
                        match with a new owner;
                      Screen potential homes through applications,
                        interviews, reference
                        checks, and homevisits;
                       Provide post-adoption support and advice;
                      Provide breed information and education.
                  Our dogs are available for 
                    local adoption only. No long distance transports.

                    Rescue of British Columbia
                    Vancouver, BC
                    email only please
                    Questions or Comments? Please email 
                    the webmaster

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