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PC Pitstop Online Support

Got problems? Or maybe just some feedback or constructive criticism? 
Well, you've come to the right place! No matter what your issue, 
big or small, we're here to point you in the right direction.

Before You Post

PC Pitstop forums registration is separate
from our main site; you need to register in both places.
If you have questions about your test results, register here at our
main site,
test your computer, then register on our forums
and provide a a link to your results when posting your 
question on the forums.

PC Pitstop Support Forums

If you're having a particular problem with your PC or our tests, 
use our free online forum.
It has become one of the web's favorite watering holes for novices and
gurus alike.
Whether it's a spyware cleanup or a performance tweak, our forum
regulars can help.
We hope that you become a regular visitor as well.
You might even make a new online friend! 
If you're having trouble running the tests, please see our
Frequently Asked Questions section 
and troubleshooting page
before posting a question.

Email Results with 

Our TechExpress feature 
lets you show your results to someone who can help you solve the
To use it, simply test your PC or load a set of results 
from the main test page, 
then click the link to TechExpress in your Test Summary.
TechExpress also offers a number of troubleshooting tips and info on
specific Windows issues such as startup and shutdown problems.

Paid Support

We have discontinued sales to our online paid support center.  
Click here
to login to your existing account.

Product Support

If you purchased a product directly from PC Pitstop, please go to our
customer service page
to make a request.
For purchases you made through an ad on the site, please contact the
company that sold the product.

Still have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section.
Please remember that all questions about computer support or problems
with the site are handled on our forums.

Thanks for visiting!
---The Pitstop Mechanics



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