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				Calling all Volunteers!!
				Friday, November 23rd, 2007

					Hi Folks,
New StatCounter System – In Beta
We have been working on the new and improved StatCounter SC4
system…now we need your help to test it.
A lot of changes have been made ‘under the hood’ and won’t be
immediately apparent; however some of the immediate benefits include:

Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
Exit Link Stats
Download Stats

MOST importantly the new system paves the way for other exciting new
features … so watch this space!
How do I try out SC4?
It’s easy! 
You need to create a new test project. This code should be added
underneath your existing StatCounter code. 
Note that you should retain your existing StatCounter code for now…
Once the new system is fully operational we’ll convert all projects
over to SC4 automatically. 
To get started:

Login to StatCounter with the “remember me” option 
Point your browser at this URL
If successful the form should now read “BETA TEST SC4 PROJECT
SETTINGS” then proceed as normal to install this new code below your
current code.

(Note that if you logout and login again you will be directed back to
the current StatCounter system.)
Thanks for your help with this – and we’d be delighted to
have your feedback posted to the comments of this blog post.
UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback so far. As the comments are
getting a bit crowded we’ve created a new forum for you to discuss
your ideas. Please click here to get talking about SC4! (Note: you
need to register a forum account in order to post.)
Let the testing begin!
StatCounter Team

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