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		Between Bottles lyrics
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				<pre><font size='+2'>BETWEEN BOTTLES lyrics Spanish
Gamble</font>This tension keeps me turningWith this conscience
barely thinkingSometimes it's hard for me to believeThat I'm the only
one that's wrongAnd there's no reason leftNo reason left to to be
strongWhen a heartbeat is barely lurkingAnd the lights are slightly
fadingI've realized, realized, what I've doneI wish someone could save
meFrom not waking, waking with the sunWe know, things are changing all
around usOur lives, constantly re-arangingSo we scream, till our voice
goes hoarseWith our lungs, bleeding profuselyWe hold onto life, oh so
loosely! They would never understand! (No you could never
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Between Bottles lyrics translation:Spanish Gamble Between Bottles song
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				Between Bottles lyrics
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