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"Lipp - Flowers"
"Misc Unsigned Bands"

"Lipp - Flowers"
"Lipp - Flowers"
 Misc Unsigned Bands - Lipp - Flowers Guitar Tab
    Lipp - Flowers Chords
    Flowers (A very catchy tune and an easy song)

Verse 1:

Flowers by the roadside
F            C
Tell a sorry tale
Tell us someone died here
       F                C
Their life has slipped away

Verse 2:

We can wonder who died here
Or read it in the news
Truth is when the flora decays
Their memory fades away

Bridge: G / D / F


   Am             G             F
Someone's son or someone's daughter
   Am              G             F
Someone's mother, someone's father

Verse 3:

Six months gone but hardly a sign
That a soul has passed away
And we drive by in our cars
Forget to bow our heads

Verse 4:

Keep on driving to another town
Along the way more flowers
Does it make us stop and stare?
Or do we really care



Solo over 2 verses


Chorus (twice)

End on Am.

All copyrights for the song belong to Lipp, the band.
For more information on the band, email me at

"Lipp - Flowers"
"Lipp - Flowers"
"Misc Unsigned Bands" "Lipp - Flowers" "39380752"

     Misc Unsigned Bands - Lipp - Flowers ChordsLipp - Flowers     
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