Beatallica is a bash-up band that plays music made from
combinations of songs of The Beatles and Metallica. A Beatallica song
is typically a blend of a Beatles song and a Metallica song with a
related title (e.g. The Thing That Should Not Let It Be, combining The
Beatles' Let It Be and Metallica's The Thing That Should Not Be or And
Justice for All My Loving combining Metallica's And Justice for All
and the Beatles' All My Loving), though sometimes just a Beatles song
will be used as a basis with modified lyrics. The lyrics slip back and
forth between the two songs—occasionally neither in lieu of original
lyrics comically referencing Metallica, heavy metal music or the heavy
metal community—while the scansion and melody are usually
Beatles-based, the music is played metal style with some Metallica
riffs and solos thrown in. Consistent quirks made in the lyrics also
criticize glam metal much in the fashion that thrash metal fans would
do[clarify] (bands like Poison, White Lion, Dokken, Warrant, and
Winger are examples).Indexed at Wikipedia.  


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