Poison"  "Poison"
You better stop better run away
You better listen to what I have to say
I'll keep you hanging on the line
With just one kiss I will blow your mind
Your desperation makes you feel insane
Fever running high you will never be the same 

Don't you treat me bad 
Don't you make me sad 
Our love could be deep as the ocean
If you can't be true 
I've got news for you
Just remember I can be poison

Some people say that I'm hard to tame 
They know that trouble is my middle name 
To dangerous what you want from me
This chemistry in my body
I've got you scared and now your running blind
Don't make me mad 
Cause you know I won't be kind, oh so kind

[Repeat chorus]

Don't give empty reasons baby
Cause I don't want your lies 
And don't think you can deceive this poison inside

[Repeat chorus to fade]
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