Missisppi Girl Chords - Faith Hill

"Missisppi Girl"
"Faith Hill"

"Missisppi Girl"
"Missisppi Girl"
 Faith Hill - Missisppi Girl Guitar Tab
    Missisppi Girl Chords
    Capo 2

             D             A       G
well it's a long way from Star, Mississippi
        D              A         G
to the big stage i'm singin on tonight
       D             A               G
and sometimes the butterflies still get me
         A         Em
when i'm in the spotlight
            D                    A
Cause a Mississippi girl don't change her ways
 G                     A     
just cause everybody knows her name
 D                        A            G 
ain't big headed from a little bit of fame
    D                   A
i still like wearin my old ball cap
 G             A
ride my kids around piggy back
they might know me all around the world
      A                            D
but ya'll i'm still a Mississippi girl

        D            A         G
well i spent a few weeks in California
             D           A          G 
they put my face on the big movie screen
                D            A              G
but that don't mean i've forgotten where i came from
           A           Em
thats just me chasin dreams, yeah
chorus x2

"Missisppi Girl"
"Missisppi Girl"
"Faith Hill" "Missisppi Girl" "39380752"
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    About the artist behind Missisppi Girl Chords:   
     Audrey Faith Perry McGraw, known professionally as Faith Hill
(born September 21, 1967), is an American country and pop singer,
known both for her commercial success and her marriage to fellow
country star Tim McGraw. Hill's voice, described as both soulful and
raspy[1], and careful song selection[2], have helped her to sell more
than 35 million records and accumulate eleven number-one singles on
the Country charts.Hill has been honored by the Country Music
Association, the Academy of Country Music, the Grammy Awards, the
American Music Awards and the People's Choice Awards. Her Soul2Soul II
Tour 2006 with husband McGraw became the highest-grossing country tour
of all time.[3] In 2001 she was named one of the "30 Most Powerful
Women in America" by Ladies Home Journal.Indexed at Wikipedia.      
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