Crazy Mary Chords - Fm Static

"Crazy Mary"
"Fm Static"

"Crazy Mary"
"Crazy Mary"
 Fm Static - Crazy Mary Guitar Tab
    Crazy Mary Chords
    G                                         D
Crazy Mary is a slow girl who looks up to no one.
G                       D          C
Would do anything for a cold one.
G                D            C
Wishes she could find her way home.
G       D           C            G           D   C    
Got the look on her face and her stares like ray gun.
G         D       C 
We walked by everyday
    G                          D              C
and I wish there was something I could do for her.
G        C               D                 C                   D      
Maybe if I took a little time to talk then she'd heal a little if she
wants to        
G       C             G                C
she can run but let's teach her how to walk away now.
G    C              G               C      G              C
I'll shake a little if she wants to she'll laugh a little if she needs
G         C          D                        C 
There's a key to the door that she's hiding behind.

"Crazy Mary"
"Crazy Mary"
"Fm Static" "Crazy Mary" "39380752"
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