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  If I Could Tab (ver 4) - Jack Johnson

"If I Could"
"Jack Johnson"

"If I Could"
"If I Could"
 Jack Johnson - If I Could (ver 4) Guitar Tab
    If I Could Tab
    Tabbed this off the of the "A Weekend at the Greek" DVD. He uses a
capo on the 2nd fret 
this video, but on the recorded album he does not use a capo. Listen
for the timing. Enjoy.
First Verse: A B A B A B A A A B A
Second Verse: A B A B A B A B A B A

Part A
e |-------------------------------------|
b |-------------------------------------|
g |-------------------------------------|
d |-------------------------------7-----|
a |----4---4/7--7---0----4---4/9----9-7-|
e |--5---5--------0----2---2------------|

Part B
e |-------------------------------------|
b |-------------------------------------|
g |-------------------------------------|
d |-------------------------------------|
a |----4---4/7--7---0----4---4/9--9---0-|
e |--5---5--------0----2---2--------7---|

Riff into Chorus
e |----------------|
b |----------------|
g |----------------|
d |--------6-------|
a |----7-------7---|
e |--0---0-------0-|

Chorus x4
e |------------------------------------------|
b |------------------------------------------|
g |------------------------------------------|
d |----9/11-------------------------11----11-|
a |--0---------12---------9---9/12-----12----|
e |-----------------10\7----7----------------|

Tab By: Garret Schultz

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"If I Could"
"If I Could"
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    About the artist behind If I Could Tab:   
     Jack Hody Johnson (born May 18, 1975)[1] is a Hawaii-born
singer-songwriter, musician, filmmaker,[2] and surfer who achieved
commercial success and a dedicated following, after the release of his
debut album, Brushfire Fairytales in 2001. He has since released four
more albums and a number of EPs. His music is best described as
acoustic/soft rock.Indexed at Wikipedia.      
If I Could Tab!
If I Could Tab, 

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