Teenage Fanclub are a Scottish alternative rock band from
Bellshill, near Glasgow, formed in 1989.Indexed at Wikipedia.  


  Chords and Tabs:  Teenage Fanclub


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   120 Mins Chords

   About You Chords
   Accidental Life Chords

   Aint That Enough Tab
   Alcoholiday Chords

   Baby Lee Chords

   Between Us Chords

   Burned Chords

   Catholic Education Tab
   Cells Chords

   Commercial Alternative Chords

   Cul De Sac Chords

   Dark Clouds Chords

   December Tab

   Did I Say Chords
   Discolite Chords

   Dont Cry No Tears Chords
   Dumb Dumb Dumb Chords

   Escher Chords

   Eternal Light Chords

   Every Step Is A Way Through Chords

   Everything Flows Tab

   Feel A Whole Lot Better Chords

   Flowing Chords

   Four Strong Winds Chords

   Free Again Chords

   Gene Clark Chords

   Get Funky Chords

   Getting Real Chords

   God Knows Its True Chords

   Going Places Chords

   Goody Goody Gum Drops Chords

   Guiding Star Chords
   Hang On Acoustic Chords
   Hang On Chords

   Happiness Chords

   Hardcore Ballad Chords

   Hardcore Chords

   Have You Ever Seen The Rain Chords

   Headstand Chords

   Heavy Metal Chords

   Hi-fi Chords

   I Cant Find My Way Home Chords

   I Dont Know Chords
   I Dont Want Control Of You Chords

   I Gotta Know Tab

   I Need Direction Chords

   If I Never See You Again Tab

   Ill Make It Clear Chords

   Its All In My Mind (ver 2) Chords

   Its All In My Mind Chords

   Lifes A Gas Chords

   Like A Virgin (ver 2) Chords

   Like A Virgin Chords

   Mad Dog 20 Chords
   Mellow Doubt Chords

   Metal Baby Chords

   My Life Chords

   My Uptight Life Chords

   Near You Chords

   Neil Jung Tab

   Norman 3 Chords

   Pet Rock Chords

   Planets Chords

   Radio Chords

   Satan Chords

   Say No Chords

   Sidewinder Chords

   Slow Fade Chords

   Some People Try To Fuck With You Chords

   Song To The Cynic Chords

   Sparkys Dream Chords

   Star Sign Chords

   Start Again Chords

   Straight And Narrow Chords

   Tears Chords

   Thats All I Need To Know Chords

   The Cabbage Tab
   The Concept Chords

   The Shadows Chords
   The Sun Shines From You Chords

   The Town And The City Chords

   Traffic Jam Chords

   Try And Stop Me Chords

   Weird Horses Chords

   What You Do To Me Chords
   Who Loves The Sun Chords

   Youre My Kind Chords
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