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"Nobodys Diary"

"Nobodys Diary"
"Nobodys Diary"
 Yazoo - Nobodys Diary Guitar Tab
    Nobodys Diary Chords
    Verse: Bm/D/A ("If I wait for just a second more")
       Bm/D/A/E ("You know I'll forget what I came here for")
       A/B ("My head was so full of things to say")
       D/E ("But as I open my lips all my words slip away")
       D/A ("But anyway...")

Repeat for next part ("I can't believe...)

Chorus : Bm/D/A (x3) ("For the times we've had.." then on last line
Bm/D/A/E - D/A
(" your diary")


"Nobodys Diary"
"Nobodys Diary"
"Yazoo" "Nobodys Diary" "39380752"
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Nobodys Diary Nobodys Diary Chords, 

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