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Song: Where Arkansas River Tab

Written By: Waylon Holyfield
Performed By: Don Williams   Album: HARMONY
Transcribed By: Lee Richards
Waltz  Medium Tempo
Key: C

Intro: (turn around) C  G7  C


C                          F
Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma
    C                               G7
It Runs Free And Rambles Muddy And Wide
             C              F
Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma
      C                 G7          C
It's Gone Forever And Never Looks Back

[Vs 1]
C                            F
I Met Her In Stillwell She Just Turned Twenty
     C                              G7
A Spirited Beauty Like I've Never Known
    C                      F
And Me A Dirt Farmer Who Lived By The River
     C                             G7           C
But She Said She Loved Me And The Free Life I Owned

[Vs 2]
We Married In April And Lived By The River
We Worked That Land From Spring Till The Fall
But I Guess When The Winter Howled At Our Window
She Couldn't Help Hearing That Wild River Call

Repeat Chorus  Lead

[Vs 3]
She Tried To Conquer That Wild Rage With-in Her
But Something Too Strong Ran Deep In Her Soul
But I Know She Loved Me She Cried Like A Baby
That Cold Winter Evening She Answered The Call

Repeat Chorus add Tag:

Yes, Its Gone Forever And Never Looks Back

Transcribed By: Lee Richards  dlh 
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