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Intro chords:
G  Em  C  D twice

G             Em      C                D        G      Em  C  D
Every now and then he has one of those restless nights
G     Em             C                   D         G   Em  C  D
So he sat up sipping whiskey till he was almost right
C            D                G     G/F#   C
Woke up this morning with the world flying by
G                  D              C
Right or wrong the highway is his chosen way of life

G  Em  C  D

C           D                  G
And all the miles keep getting longer
C           D              G
And all the towns look the same
C       D   G                C
Fun got old bein’ bought and sold
G             D           C
A man can get sick of the sound of his own name

He used to wonder what the big time would feel like
A thousand people screaming at him on a stage in the lights
He made lot of sacrifices trying to get here
It gets to where the crowd drowns out his music drinking beer


And his old friends working that same old nine to five
They’re sleeping in their own beds, But he’s called to say goodnight
Son got his first hit, but it wasn’t in the stands
Sometimes it feels like the real family is his band

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