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A                                 D 
Hello there darling, donít get up, I canít stay long 
E                           A  
I just came to get my things and then I'm gone 
  A                         D 
I got time for a quick hello but then itís goodbye 
E                                    A  
I just want to leave you a few words to remember me why 
You know in my life of love you werenít the first 
But I think itís safe to say you were definitely the worst 
Cause you took and you took and you never did give back 
Donít speak now baby just listen and help me pack 
You know I used to come home from work everyday all tired and beat  
And all you could do is yell at me because I didnít pick you up to eat

You were always naming every little thing you thought I was doing
Baby I donít want to name your faults the list would be far too long 
Like how bout when you would get drunk, youíd always ask the fool 
Then youíd come over and try to kiss me with breath that I swear could
choke a mule 
And your sweet little voice well it was just like nails runniní across
a chalkboard 
You know I never did get a good nightís sleep with the way youíd snore

And all your stupid, stupid friends that you seemed to love so well 
Would do you do me a favor honey, you tell every single last one of
them I hope they go to hell 
Cause you were always telliní them every single last detail 
Oh baby I cant count the number of times that I wanted to run you out
of town on a rail 
Well I'm all packed so I guess this means goodbye 
Iíd say I was gonna miss you but you know I hate to tell a lie 
And I gotta say itís kinda funny to sit and watch you cry 
But I just wanted to leave you a few words to remember me by  
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