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C     G       F                C 
I got out and took a ride this evening 
C        G              F 
Too many memories on my mind 
C         G            F  C 
I see our faces like a movie 
C       G                F     C   
Blessed be the ties that bind 
C     G         F              C 
Tommy plays the piano till the morning 
C        G             F 
Play for me the ones I like 
C        G       F     C 
Pass the sock to Julie darlin' 
C          G                F     C 
You know I cried when Laska died 
       C          G        
This one's for the boys 
  C                   F  
I hope life finds you well 
C              G 
May you always mount good horses 
    F               C 
And ride me through hell 
C             G 
Here's to our glory 
    C              F 
And moments in the sun 
C           G 
Always companeros 
  F               C 
Until our time is done      
Scotty rope yourself a woman 
Settle down somewhere outside of town 
Or maybe move back to ol' Montana  
Get yourself a herd to run around 
Dobro Solo 
No need to tell Chris how I'm feelin 
You know we never had the words 
Ride up the great divide for me good friend 
You know it takes away the hurt 
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