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Drive On
By Jack Ingram
Capo 3

D/B – X20230

D         D/B         C    
Weathered sign on the marquee
D           D/B            C    
An old film playing at the show
D        D/B         C    
He could tell by the clouds up top
        D            D/B      C    
And old northern was about to blow
D     D/B           C    
So he hopped in his pick-up truck
D          D/B         C    
Steered it on down the road
D       D/B           C    
Then he picked up his dark-haired beauty
D        D/B           C    
Drove on down nice and slow, singing

G  C          D
   This is my girl
G  C          D
   This is my world
G  C          D 
   This is my girl
G  C          D
   This is my world
A lovers’ tune on the stereo
Cool breeze blowin’ through her hair
He whispers to her soft and low
And quietly she stares
He says I know I could be a movie star
I know that you could be my wife
I was thinking at work today
I wanna leave with you tonight, because
They drive on past midnight
Wishing on stars as they go
Two young believers
Too young to know
Like a man in a story book
He takes off down the open road
Taking off to God knows where
He’s taking off just to go. 
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