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Back To Caroline - Jamey Johnson


Bm A-G x2

D A Bm A-G A

D                              A
He said: "The storm is gettin' stronger,"
Bm              A       G      A
As he climbed inside my truck.
D                       A
"I'm headed back to Carolina,
Bm              A   G       A
"God's will an' any luck."
D                                A
An' he told me how he'd left his family,
Bm      A     G    A
So many years ago.
D                                    A
An' he'd seen the whole world on the shoulders,
Bm                   A       G     A
But now it's time to go back home.

D                                  A
An' he said: "This road goes on forever:
Bm                    A      G     A
"I've been travellin' all my life.
D                                      A
"An' I've seen the rain, I've felt the thunder,
Bm            A          G      A
"But it never changed my mind:
                       D       A Bm A-G A
"I'm goin' back to Caroline."

I dropped him off at the State line,
An' then I thought about my life.
An' everything I left behind me:
Two children an' my wife.
I left 'em waitin' for a 'phone call,
An' that was twenty days ago.
But now I'm in it for the long-haul,
An' it's time to go back home.

An' this damn road keeps gettin' longer:
I've been travellin' it some time.
An' I've seen the rain, I've felt the thunder roll on,
But it never changed my mind:
I'm goin' back to Caroline."
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Whoa, Lord, I'm going back to Caroline.
Whoa oh. 
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