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Song: Hell Have To Go Tab

Recorded by Jim Reeves
Written by J. Allison and A. Allison

Capo: 1st Fret:  Key: C#  Play: C
Put your [C] sweet lips a little [F] closer to the [C] phone
Let's pretend that we're together all a-[G] lone
I'll tell the [C] man to turn the juke-[C7] box way down [F] low
And you can [C] tell your friend there with [G] you, he'll have to [C]

Whisper to me, tell me do you love me true
Or is he holding you the way I do
Though love is blind, make up your mind, I've got to know
Should I hang up, or will you tell him, he'll have to go.

You can't [F] say the words I want to hear 
When you're [C] with another man
Do you [F] want me, answer yes or no 
Darling, [C] I will under-[G] stand.

Repeat Chorus 
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