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INTRO: C  G  D  (2x)

G                                    D
Go on and cry, tears are a short cut to healin'
        G                                                    D
I don't need to ask why you're feelin' that pain that you're feelin'
        G                     D
There's only one reason you'd be here tonight
     G         D           A
He's up to his old tricks again
     G                         D
But you're such a treasure, it doesn't seem right
  G                          A
I don't know what comes over him

          D                     G                        D
It's like takin' the bus with a Cadillac parked in your driveway
       A                                                          D
Or a thousand miles down a dirt road when there's a new four-lane
           D                     G                           D
It's like blowin' Christmas with mama to have a drink with a stranger
    C                                G                             D
Why crawl through a trench with the devil when you can fly with an

Why you stay with him girl I just don't understand
He's out searchin' for silver ignorin' that gold on your hand
For the love of the woman he's throwin' away
Most men would pay any price
Should the eyes of temptation stare me in the face
I'd never need to think twice


          C                              G                            
Yeah why crawl through a trench with the devil when you can fly with
an angel

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