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Song: Great Day To Be Alive Tab

Title: Its a great day to be alive
Artist: Travis Tritt
Writer: Darrell Scott
Album: Down the Road I Go
Transcriber: Scott Duvall 

Title:Its A Great Day to Be Alive
Artist:Travis Tritt
Written by Darrell Scott
Album:Down the Road I Go
Tabbed by:Scott Duvall

      G        riff*           G          D              
I Got Rice cooking in the microwave got a three day beard I don't 
Em      C               G     D           Em         C   D      C     
plan to shave and its a goofy thing but I just gotta say hey Im doing

G               G         riff*                 G    D
alright. Yeah I think Ill make me some homemade soup feelin pretty 
         Em        C         G       D         Em     C     D
good and thats the truth its neither drink nor drug induced no Im just

C      G
doin alright

*Travis is playing a little riff, put you can substitute B and C
 but I wouldn't recommend it, this sounds like the cd,  

D                         Em               Am         Em      
And Its a great day to be alive I know the suns still shinin when I 
C        D                D    D                Em          Am   
close my eyes theres some hard times in the neigborhood but why can't
      Em     C         D  G*
every day be just this good?    *Use Em when going to bridge 1

(FILL riff* D C )

(Verse 2)
Its been 15 years since I left home said good luck to every seed I'd 
sown, give it my best and then I left it alone ohhh I hope their doin
alright. Now I look in the mirror and what do I see?  A lone wolf
starin back at me, long in the tooth but harmless as can be, lord I 
guess hes doin alright


(Bridge 1)
Em            D                     C    G          Em      C    D
Sometimes its lonely, sometimes its only me and the shadows that fill
     Em                 D                  C      G            Am Em C
this room, sometimes Im fallin desperately callin howlin at the moon
Ahhhwwoooooo!   Ahhhwooooooo!

(Bridge 2)
       G        riff*        G        D                        Em
Well I might go get me a new tatoo or take my old harley for a three
    C      G          D         Em      C
day cruise might even grow me a fu man chu, ohh Aww!

Chorus x2

Well this song was awful hard to figure out!  Probably the hardest
I've ever done.  I'm sure that it has some problems but it sounds
right.  If you want to chew me out just send me some e-mail at, I'd be much obliged to get any suggestions or
Scott Duvall 
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