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			About Steve Vai 
			Steve Vai’s technical mastery of the guitar is such that, like a
gunslinger of old, he used to challenge the audience at Frank Zappa
gigs to bring along music scores for him to sight read live on stage.
Naturally enough Vai’s reputation spread and his solos soon became
one of the benchmarks that aspiring guitarists measure themselves
			The complexity of Vai’s work – not just in speed, but in his
use of notes outside the common pentatonic scale along with pick
harmonics, tapping, sweep picking and, in particular, extreme whammy
bar techniques – might explain why he rarely sits at the very top of
commercially-influenced Greatest Guitarist lists. But players rate him
much higher. Practically every month Steve Vai is featured in at least
one specialist guitar magazine; and he’s consistently in the top
five searches within online guitar tuition sites such as
			Remarkably, though Vai attended an ordinary secondary school in the
suburbs of New York, he wasn’t the only gunslinging guitarist that
Carle Place High produced. Joe Satriani, his senior by four years, was
already a pupil there and gave Vai lessons while the two were still
			 It was a typical act of bravado that led to his big break. After
Carle Place, Vai studied at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, and
while there he transcribed The Black Page, an intentionally complex
percussion composition by Frank Zappa. He sent his transcription,
along with some examples of his guitar playing, to Zappa, who hired
him, initially as a transcriber, and, from 1980 (when he was still
only 20), as a full band member, credited on albums as playing
‘stunt guitar’ and ‘impossible guitar parts’.
			 He left Zappa in 1982 and released Flex-Able, his first solo
album, in 1984. He touted it around record companies, getting a series
of ‘thank you but no’s, and rejecting the only offer he did
receive because, as he told LickLibrary’s Stuart Bull, ‘It was
pathetic and I wasn’t desperate.’ Instead Vai decided to
self-release and signed an extremely lucrative distribution deal –
and watched the money roll in as Felx-Able went on to sell more than
400,000 units.
			 Helping that process by raising Vai’s image with the wider rock
audience was his day job as a member of high profile bands including a
brief spell in 1985 with Alcatrazz (replacing Yngwie Malmsteen),
followed by a couple of years with David Lee Roth, who had by that
time split, very publicly, from Eddie Van Halen. His iconic status
also led to a collaboration with Ibanez with whom has designed several
signature guitars.
			 While continuing to produce a string of solo albums, Vai has also
recorded with a host of other top acts, including Whitesnake and Alice
Cooper (playing together with Joe Satriani on the song Feed My
Frankenstein). His association with his former teacher was furthered
by participation (together with bassist Billy Sheehan, who, like Vai,
played in David Lee Roth’s band) in several of Satriani’s G3
tours. He has also appeared with the Tokyo Metropole Orchestra, as a
guest on Dweezil Zappa’s Zappa Plays Zappa tour and has film credits
including Crossroads and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.
			 He remains highly popular with aspiring guitarists – his
masterclass at the 2007 London Guitar Show was a sell out, and’s statistics show that online lessons and DVD
tutorials teaching songs such as For The Love Of God and Die To Live
to up and coming gunslingers are consistent draws. 


			Steve Vai   Guitar Lessons 
			Check out our selection of online videos that teach you how to play
like Steve Vai...
          Steve Vai  
			Title: Big Trouble 
			Lesson by: Guthrie Govan 
			Parts: 6
          Steve Vai 
			Title: For The Love Of God 
			Lesson by: Dave Kilminster 
			Parts: 8
          Steve Vai 
			Title: Juice 
			Lesson by: Andy James 
			Parts: 6
			 Steve Vai
			Title: Boston Rain Melody 
			Lesson by: Andy James 
			Parts: 5
			 Steve Vai
			Title: Die To Live 
			Lesson by: Jamie Humphries 
			Parts: 3
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			Steve Vai   Jamtrax
			Check out our selection of backing tracks related to Steve Vai....
              Steve Vai 
			Title: Big Trouble 
			Size: 3.76MB
			Length: 04:06
          Steve Vai 
			Title: Boston Rain Melody 
			Size: 4.06MB
			Length: 04:26
          Steve Vai 
			Title: Die To Live 
			Size: 3.58MB
			Length: 03:54
          Steve Vai 
			Title: For The Love Of God 
			Size: 5.58MB
			Length: 06:05 
          Steve Vai 
			Title: Juice 
			Size: 3.45MB
			Length: 03:46
          Steve Vai 
			Title: Ladies Nite In Buffalo
			Size: 3.62MB
			Length: 03:56
          Steve Vai 
			Title: Shy Boy 
			Size: 3.12MB
			Length: 03:24
          Steve Vai 
			Title: The Attitude Song
			Size: 3.13MB
			Length: 03:24
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