Diamond Rio Lyrics - Down By The Riverside



Diamond Rio Lyrics

Down By The Riverside 
I took my baby out and bought her a ring 
Man, we planned a wedding come spring 
Staring right into the eyes of my dreams 
Hand in hand, down on one knee 
Down by the Riverside 
Down by the Riverside 
Told me she would be my bride 
Down by the Riverside 
She said yes as I held her tight 
We made love in the broad daylight 
Now I know why the old folks say 
Get too close and you'll get swept away 
Spring came and turned by baby's head around 
Rains fell and now I feel like I might drown 
Under the weight of this fools crown 
There's a tree down by the Riverside 
Once it held it's head up high 
We carved our vows deep in its side 
Now faithless love makes that willow cry 
Her love turned out to be a lie 

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