Florence Joy Lyrics - I Believe



Florence Joy Lyrics

I Believe

I'm lying here so incomplete, hear me crying now
You were so near, now you're out of reach, see me crying now
How can life just go on without you, will you show me the way
I need someone to help me through and every night I pray

'Cause I believe, that I'll be with you again
I believe, that we'll find a way
I believe, our love's gonna last forever
And we'll be free

To lose my will is what I fear, am I strong enough?
'Cause there are still so many tears to be crying out
I don't wanna life for tomorrow longing for yesterday
See me walking along the long road, don't lead me astray


Oh why does my heart feel this way
Trapped in neverending pain
I'm so tired of being strong
All alone


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