Kate Price Lyrics - The Lady And the Eagle




Kate Price Lyrics

The Lady And the Eagle
Words and music by Kate Price

Sitting on the mountain side
She a wounded eagle spied
And took it home and made it well
And together they did dwell
Tears like rain from angels fell

I care for you, (she said) with all my life
Were you a man, I'd be your wife
Or had I wings to carry me
We could fly down to the sea
But I will never set you free

And so she kept his wings confined
She'd love him till the end of time
But a winged beast, locked in a cage
Cannot long control his rage
His power not to be assured

It came to pass beneath a summers sky
She knew she'd have to let him fly
Away from her, her love would soar
Into the clouds, down to the shore
She would see him, nevermore

And so it was he flew away
Into the glory of the day
With pounding heart and beating wings
Into the heavens he did sing
For freedom's such a precious thing

With magic at the break of day
He changed his from and with her lay
(Saying) with your love, you healed me
Then with love you set me free
In my heart I'll carry thee    
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