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Jordan Pruitt Lyrics


I'll take the chance to say
Feel this emptiness
When you walk away
And now I must confess
That it's not the same
Without you here with me

Then the rain goes away
When I see that face
Like a summer day
The clouds just got erased
Never cease to amaze
Every tme you're here with me

I reach for your hand
At night I pray
Together we'll find
Find a way
To be in love
Starting today
I reach for the words
Speak from my heart
They fall to the ground
Fall apart
It's so hard to feel this way

When the moon appears
I like to make a wish
Wishing you were here
And that's when life's the best
And it's all so clear
Every time you're here with me

We're just beginning
I love how it's feeling
When I reach I reach for your hand

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