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Bob Schneider Lyrics

I'm Good Now

there was that time in west virginia 
when the cops showed up when the shop blowed up 
where we didn't know what was gonna happen 
they messed the whole place us and tried to kill my dad 
took all the money I had and what was really bad 
was I couldnt do nothing to stop them 

I had to move to mexico to get away 
you reap the seeds you sow or so they say 
I spent most my nights hanging out at a place called the rainbow bar 

drinking cervezas all night long singing mexican love songs 
getting all the words all wrong and not giving a damn 
hoping that my luck might change feeling crazy acting strange 
never worrying about the danger I was in 

well ive had a might bad run of luck since you left town 
sometimes you hit the braked but you cant slow down 
I know what I want on my damn tombstone 
when they put me in the groun 
tell them to write it big and tall or not at all 
just put im good now 

well as the story goes things only got worse 
fell in love with a nurse she smuggled drugs in her purse 
she worked for doctor gonzales 
it turns out the doctor was a mighty mean man 
who couldnt understand how things could get out oh hand 
but then he had to find out though 

her tried to stop her one night well she pulled out a knife 
there was a struggle and then her fell there in the end 
as she ran home he lay on the floor dying 

wondering about the things he'd done 
thinking about his life and the fun he'd had 
choices that he made and roads he had taken 
and he thought about his kids and all the crazy things he did 
and he wondered if anything at all really matters 

when your life is almost over and there is no hope to be found 
when your dying and blood is spilling out all over the ground 
and the last words he said although he hardly made a sound 
and he spoke each word in spanish cause he couldnt speak no english 
he said i'm good now    
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